Medical Advisory Board

NephcEurope has been active since about 20 years.

During all these years we have met outstanding physicians with whom we can always get into contact about your questions.

The following Medical Advisors are available for additional questions

Dr. Georges Deschenes, pediatric nephrologist Robert Debre Hospital, Paris, France
Dr. Moin Saleem, Head of Bristol Renal department and research, UK
Dr. Burkhard Toenshoeff, pediatric nephrologist and Board member of Pediatric Transplant Association IPTA, Germany
Dr. Jack Wetzels, adult nephrologist and leader of the Dutch Reference Center for Glomerular kidney diseases, Netherlands
Dr. Franz Schaeffer, pediatric nephrologist, leader of the European Reference Network for Rare Kidney diseases, Germany
Dr. Francesco Emma, pediatric nephrologist, Italy
Dr. Frans Claas, immunologist, Netherlands
Dr. Rishi Kafle, nephrologist and Executive Director of National Kidney Center, Nepal

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